Winter Sports and Culture (WSC)

In the winter of 2009, the typical snow-flaky weather compelled us to arrange something but indoors this time. Cricket was the flavour of the season, but this time it was accompanied with Ladies Cricket, Badminton and yet again some mouth-watering dishes. And hence Winter Sports and Culture (WSC) was born. We were just pondering on the thought of how we can create something which brings in the “balle balle” and “bihu bihu lagise hoi” feeling and can showcase our tiny-young kids of their roots and culture in Assam-India and then decided to hold that up for them. This is a place where people from various culture and state will meet and interact in an evening of showmanship and spirit. While we get the red cherry rolling and the stage being decorated for “the evening”, the waiting seems irresistible.


Date: 22 November (Saturday), 2014


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