Assam Sports Day (ASD)

You must be joking if you think Assam Sports Day is about Sports- no its about Cricket, coming from a one-sports country ( does not have a sports tab, only Cricket tab). But only just. It’s also about a good paunch of lunch, a few bottles of furti, a year’s worth of gossip, a lifetime’s ambition of scoring 50 or even about the never ending struggle in remembering names. It’s a platform for those youngsters from Assam who played cricket during their fledgling college days and also for those who didn’t !! Yeah, we need the spirit with the go getter attitude..that’s it.

The preliminary idea of Assam Sports Day (ASD) originated from a mere discussion between few like-minded individuals, for a cricket match within the Assamese Community in UK. We planned to bring together as many young Assamese people as we could, under the same umbrella to play cricket. But as the idea progressed, we started to find a pattern wherein this could be done in a larger scale and the volume of fun and frolic would also increase which is traditionally coined as FURTI. The initial response from many was that of a PICNIC, but since we belong from a “Cricket-Loving” nation there was also a demand for Cricket; therefore we decided to have a Cricket Match within ourselves and hence the teams were named as Kaziranga Senani and Brahmaputra Veer. And then many more approximation arrived, with proper brainstorming, we induced various other games for the kids and for the female folk including a “Special All Women Cricket Match” with delicious meals and a trophy distribution ceremony to end the event with. The venue for the event was chosen as Woking, being easily accessible to most people who came from all parts of the UK. The first year was a huge success which included a nail-biting finish to a cricket match between the two teams and some incredible fun for the kids and women who almost danced to the tunes of bollywood numbers while playing musical-chair. ASD was created with a taste of success.

Last year we carried forward the legacy with greater participation and involvement from all attendees. The brainstorming for second-year event had already started by the end of the first year’s festivity. Second year saw the increase of participants as more like-minded people gravitated towards the venue of the event. Organisers had to incorporate two more cricket teams as Lachita Senani and Vir Chilarai to accommodate the eager cricketers and the children have had even greater fun as they got access to a bouncy castle. Ladies were involved in an intensely competitive cricket match which was immensely enjoyable. Not to forget the on-field Bihu dance performances to popular Assamese Bihu tunes by all and sundry with different abilities or even with inabilities for coordinated movement. The two years passed by quickly and there are a lot of happy memories to be cherished. Everyone who attended relished the idea and had a full amount of FURTI throughout the event which was our main incitement and only intention. We strive to continue this for years to come and look forward to greater participation from existing and new members. For us, it is a feeling of warmth; ecstasy to go with the joy of coming together in a foreign land .Assam brings us together and will continue to unite us in our causes of sports and culture and our motto of FURTI and well being of all.


Date :28th Jun (Saturday), 20134

Location :

The Recreation Ground
Sheets Heath Lane
GU24 0EL